The future of marketing is data-driven

Let us propel your business forward with our integrated lead generation solutions.
At its core, data-driven marketing centers on one fact and one fact only: Propelling value by engaging costumers more effectively.


VitaDataLab is an online data agency

We are a dedicated dynamic lead generating- and data-driven company. We provide the best consumers to our clients, as we take pride in generating- and verifying quality data. By using premium channels and utilizing our unique data-collection concepts, as well as stringent data-cleansing systems, we deliver the best possible data for you, so you can focus on creating effective, prosperous business relationships.

By using the data that has been carefully collected and stored from our consumer surveys, we are bringing you closer to your ideal customers. Any leads we generate are brought from opted-in online collection pages, verified and validated and delivered to you.

We are constantly refining and reorganizing our segmentation as we add to our existing data, and reach out to new subscribers who could be the consumers you are looking for.

Our Goal:

The experienced and dedicated team at Vita Data Lab targets the perfect consumer base to suit your business, and to drive a large volume of leads. We are here to help you reach your target audience, recruit new leads and maximize your business potential. We can help you propel your business ahead of your competition, opening up new and effective channels between you and your customers and developing sales pipelines.


Lead Generation

We are focused on generating high quality leads primarily through our surveys and sweepstakes with an emphasis on innovation and creativity. We offer creative campaigns based on sophisticated technology.

E-mail marketing

Email Marketing can be a cost-effective way to give your marketing efforts a quick boost. Our database is stocked with our own enriched data from consumer surveys. All email leads are opted-in through online collection pages. These are verified in real-time, double validated and cleansed on a regular base. Our segmentation is increasingly refined as we collect more data about our subscribers, their preferences, interests and lifestyles.

Our DMP and Data management

High quality data are crucial for succeeding within datadriven sales- and marketing. We bring a full service solution within cleaning, validating and enriching your data. All the data we collect are mapped and stored in our own DMP platform. Our data is growing every second with the new enriched valuable consumer behavioral data being provided by our survey campaigns.

Data rental

We accumulate huge amounts of data every month. Our analytical tools enable us to create specific customized lists of people who fits your demands incredibly detailed. This enables you to purchase lists that match your target market to a tee. The opportunities for your business are limitless, not least because we can provide this data with any combination within our hard and behavioral data

how we can help you

Lead Generation

Our team of industry experts creates branded, high-volume, online survey campaigns that are tailor-designed for your target audience. By identifying the ideal consumers according to your needs, we generate optimum leads, and foster enduring, productive client-consumer relationships far beyond the scope of your current audience. Throughout these campaigns, we monitor responses constantly to ensure maximum compatibility between you and your potential customers. Your potential consumers access the surveys easily via mobile and desktop collection pages. By providing information on their general interests, lifestyle and product requirements, the participants can then be matched to the services and products that you offer. All information provided by participants (addresses, email and telephone credentials) is verified in our efficient data-cleansing system. Leads are then delivered to you, our client, via API directly into your CRM system.


Co-registration is the cost-effective and efficient tool with which we find your perfect leads. This is the ideal option for companies with niche products or services that address specific needs. We market your product, and then find your customers using our customized surveys. This ensures an efficient assessment and confirmation of interest in your business from a carefully targeted consumer base, which can then be converted into profitable relationships. The co-registration process fast-tracks the connection between our clients and their ideal target audience. This makes the process more cost-effective and efficient by reducing the need for uninformed research and customer-survey periods dramatically.

Product Promotion

We promote the right product to the right audience. We make sure your potential customers know all they need to about your products and services, and by targeting the appropriate customer base to suit your business, we are able to find those leads faster, and more effectively. We know how to target those customers who are most interested in your particular product, and more likely to become viable leads.

Audience Engagement

Reaching out to your audience is critical, and making use of the range of platforms available is key to that, but the options can be overwhelming, and diverse. We can ensure that you engage effectively and extensively with your ideal audience. By engaging with consumers on social media, websites and blogs, we make it easier for them to find you- and at the same time, you can get ahead of the competition. Email campaigns are another way to bring the customer to the client more efficiently and easily, ensuring that your products and services are promoted as widely as possible. To make use of our database of pre-existing contacts, we utilize an email marketing system so that you can quickly reach out to quality leads.

Customer Survey

We are constantly identifying further prospects through our campaigns, and we strive to keep clients and consumers satisfied at each stage of the process. By generating useful customer feedback, we gain valuable insight into consumer needs, and we help to maintain productive, profitable connections between clients and consumers. This also ensures that we test and constantly monitor the effectiveness of our systems and our overall success levels. In this way, we can continue to initiate consumer interest and prompt further inquiries into your products and services.

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